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  1. akil

    Hi deepu
    whats the consistency of the batter.Coarse or fine ..will grinders work good.
    Do you know the ratio If i have to make vella appam ..sweet one (jaggery ).
    Akils MOM

  2. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu, Today i prepared aapam for breakfast again in leftover batter. It was very very tastier than yesterday aapam. Usually in my method i grind in the morning & keep for fermentation & for dinner i make aapam. Like that i prepared yesterday. But i think in ur method 1 day old batter tastes good. I added 1/4 tsp yeast to get more ferment taste.
    Promise Deepu i never ever tasted like this aapam. simply superb. Thaks a lot.

  3. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu, prepared ur aapam for dinner. Really superb. Nice flavor. Deepu, we have to dilute the batter or not. Without diluting it comes good but, i added little water that aapam comes little bit sticky. Tell me the trick. Thanks for the good recipe.

  4. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Deepu.. Prepared appam for Breakfast.It was good..Taste was excellent.Appam with Vada curry turned out to be a very good combination.Keep up ur good work..Have a great day!!!!!


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. DEEPu

      Hi radha, its g8 to hear that u like appam. Thanks for ur appreciation. Ur mint kurma is some what different so this week i am going to prepare mint kurma.

       thanks deepu

  5. Manoo

    Hiiii ,
    In Sri Lanka they only make with red raw rice (sivapu pacha arisi) and coconut. it looks different. Using ulunthu is good for health. Thambi’s favourite… I like the centre part… thotal mathiri thala thalanu irukume… I luv it. Good one… Yet for sure cant make at all here…

  6. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu,
    Sure i’ll try this method.Last saturday only i made aappam.So, i’ll try after a week & let u know.
    Actually i want to try u’r payasam too.
    I have some doubts about aappam prep. , that’s can i grind coconut with water? Because in my blender i couldn’t grind without water.
    Next in winter coconuts are leaving oil while grinding chutneys.Is that ok for aappam batter?thanks.

    1. DEEPu

      Hi kavi,  You can also add some water while grinding Coconut. I  am using  Indian Mixie so i can grind coconut w/o water. So only i mentioned like that.

      It wont affect the appam batter.



  7. DEEPu

    Hi kavi, Coconut is important–that's the main ingredient. It gives nice flavour and unique taste to appam. Try this and get back to me with the results 

    Thanks Deepa

  8. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu,
    I make Aappam in different method. I don’t add cooconut. can u tell me, why are u adding coconut? I want to try this method .

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