Amma’s Maida biscuit

Written by taste buds



    Hi Sadhana, My mum used to make this when we were kids. This is my favourite as well. I wanted to make this for my daughter but didnt have recepie. Finally i got it. Thanks.


      1. SIVAPRIYA

        hi sadhana,

        yesterday itself i tried it.  that came out well.  but my hubby told, need to put bit more sugar. my daughter loved it.



  2. jlakshmi

    I tried them now.. One batch I made as it is, and in the next batch I made them with bit more sugar for kids. Both of them turned to be really good.

    I had stored them in a air tight container.. Very rainy day here in CA and my kids wanted some good evening snack. This was an ideal quick one for me. They also loved it.. Ideal friday evening snack.

  3. lara

    hi sadhana,

    Ur recipes are too good. Try to upload recepies with pic… it makes viewers tocook… uploading recpies with pic is one of the good feature in this site.. pls maintain that…


    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Lara,

       I am having hard time in uploading the pictures inspite of having them wid me..i donno how to make them small..will find out and post them soon..

      Sadhana Raveen

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